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Frank E.H. Neubelt is a highly acclaimed German yacht designer and naval architect. He founded the successful studio brand NEWCRUISE and served as its design director for over 20 years. Recently, he established his own "one-stop" yacht design and project agency, which is the first German international representative for yacht design, styling, and naval engineering. The agency offers comprehensive services ranging from initial concept ideas to design, technical considerations, interior design, project management, and legal advisory.

Under the label GYC - "German Yacht Couture" - Frank Neubelt Yacht Designs showcase his passion for designing yachts. His career began with offshore racing and sailing on his family yacht built in 1969 by Huisman. In the early 2000s, he entered the field of super yachts and expanded his design studio to become one of the most recognized German super yacht project houses. Some of his notable designs include SIREN, TRIPLE-SEVEN, SAPPHIRE, GAYA, VICTORIA DEL MARE OPIUM, and the 115m LUNA.

Frank is known for developing timeless yachts with distinctive character and economically efficient hull lines. His innovative 2003 concept of a "time to cost" steel-composite construction platform was successfully optimized by Nobiskrug Yachts and utilized in yachts such as MOGAMBO, ODESSA, and PLAN-B.

To date, Frank has launched 45 yachts under his earlier label, including the renowned LUNA, and has conceptualized 70 motor and sailing yachts, each with unique interior themes. He has also contributed to the design of custom sailing yachts and acquired interior design projects for various yachts.


In 2010, Frank's concept study for a 150m YACHT-LINER inspired the Ritz-Carlton Yacht Collection Group, who are developing their own 190m/250 passenger luxury cruise liners. This project has been Frank's most complex undertaking since the launch of his first superyacht, XANADU, in the 1990s.

The global economic changes in 2012 prompted Frank to leave his brand "Newcruise" due to necessary business and management adjustments. Today, all his yachts, designs, project studies, and interior concepts are represented by GYC and managed by a proven team of design and engineering specialists.

Frank is committed to sustainability and is a premium member of GYC, collaborating with design and engineering experts to create environmentally friendly yachts. His philosophy revolves around style, concepts, layouts, interiors, and naval architecture, combining his expertise as a trained ship and boat builder.

One of Frank's current visions is YCLUB, a luxury boutique club-style yacht liner catering to affluent travelers seeking the mega-yacht lifestyle for a few days or weeks. This project is led by the German YCLUB100 Group in collaboration with high-end luxury resort groups.

As a team entrepreneur, Frank is a co-founder of the industry pool DEUTSCHE YACHTEN – SUPERYACHT GERMANY. He also serves on the advisory board of the PORTS OF CAUSE foundation in the US, demonstrating his commitment to ocean conservation.

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