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Frank E.H. Neubelt is one of the most internationally renowned award winning German yacht designers and naval architects.  

After having established his successful studio brand NEWCRUISE and being its design director for more than 20 years, Frank recently created his designs in his acclaimed name as the inventer and lead affiliate of a “one-stop” yacht design and project agency.  A kind of cooperation, which is the very first German international representative acting yacht design, stylists and naval engineering hub covering the entire spectrum of service from the initial concept ideas to the design, technical considerations, interior design for  the delivery of first class custom yachts, in addition the network organisation of affiliated project management and advising services of legal aspects . . .

GYC - „German Yacht Couture“ – featured by FRANK NEUBELT YACHT DESIGNs.

Passion in designing yachts one day stood for the studied naval architect and trained ship- and boatbuilder over the years of offshore racing still sailing on his in 1969 Huisman built family yacht for an exciting and varied career.

Stepping into the field of super yachts at the beginning of the first decade of the new century, the success of his 1990 founded design studio led him to expand the label to a real project design house NEWCRUISE-Yacht-Projects & Design by inviting a young partner taking care about the economics and the inhouse work-out design team management of naval architecture and Interior decoration.  

Frank ´s creativity in lead as the studio´s design director turned NCYPD to become one of the most internationally recognized German Super yacht project houses at that time.

Several yachts from his “pen” such as the 74m SIREN, TRIPLE-SEVEN, SAPPHIRE, GAYA, VICTORIA DEL MARE OPIUM and one of the largest explorer vessels, the 115 m LUNA, received international recognition and acclaim when they nominated for outstanding awards and Frank stepped under his earlier label on the stage at several international design award galas honoring the creativity of his yacht designs and the studio´s profession, originating from his home country which is more known for  the construction of world-class super yachts in quality and excellence.


Another key of passionate enthusiasm focuses on developing timeless yachts with a “character” at economically hull lines, such as his 2003 innovation of setting up one of the very first hull “plateform” - concept of a “time to cost” steel-composite construction which was technical successfully optimized by Nobiskrug Yachts and used in theirs further yachts MOGAMBO, ODESSA & PLAN-B.

In summary, Frank´s portfolio of 45 yachts launched under his earlier label, among them the legendary LUNA, includes 70 concepts of Motor and Sailing yachts as well , - mostly all with initiated individuell interior themes.

His time a head 2010 innovation concept study of the very first idea of an 150m YACHT-LINER just inspired the newly Ritz-Carlton Yacht Collection Group who is creating a similarly own concept for theirs fleet under construction of 190m/250 pax luxury cruise liners.   Frank`s most complex project so far since the launch of his very first superyacht, the 34m XANADU in the 90-ties, a well recognized Moonen yacht. As an avid offshore sailor, he created aside a small but fine selection of generous custom sailing yachts from 40 to over 100 feet such like the 26m OPIUM, the later 2012 launched 36m LUNAR and his interior design acquisition for the 46m, 2014 design awarded Vitters/Dubois Racer-Cruiser, - GANESHA II and the 60m MY. ROMA.


The effects of the world’s economic change influenced Frank’s 2012 future visions which finally left him no other choice than to leave his brand “Newcruise” falling short needed business and management adjustments.       


Nowadays all his yachts, designs, project studies and interior concepts are internationally gallery represented by GYC and design processed by “open-book” proven team logistics in all aspects.


Spearheading sustainability in quality, Frank is an affiliated premium member of GYC bundling his creativity out of his Hamburg Elbe-River beach-front studio been supported by a remarkable interactive hub-cooperation of design and engineering specialists. - Both in all size power, sail and super yachts, that yacht gentlemen from all over the world admire and aspire to own.


Frank´s philosophy in style, concepts, layouts, interiors, naval architecture based on his know-how as a trained ship and boat builder and the hub design intelligence CREATE – INNOVATE - MAKE, will be offered to sophisticated owners who expect exceptional designs as a symbol of their personal signature at the oceans horizons.


YCLUB, - one of Frank´s actual contemporary visions, just entertains a growing generation of well heeled sophisticated travel and luxury holiday makers.   A society who wants to enjoy the luxe megayacht lifestyle for some days or a week or more without actually chartering or owning such a yacht will find this new ocean lifestyle attraction with this exclusive luxury six-star-plus boutique club-style YACHT LINER of just 18 suites, well recognized by high sense luxury resort groups running into further project- and marketing developments lead managed by the German YCLUB100 Group.  


As a convinced team entrepeneur Frank is one of the initiating co-founders of the industry pool DEUTSCHE YACHTEN – SUPERYACHT GERMANY and his thrive for the sustainability stands for respecting the oceans he is a member of the advising bord of directors of the PORTS OF CAUSE foundation in the US.

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